There’s always a way Home!


The extraordinary thing about home is that the thrill of returning back stays the same. Parangat Mittal, 3rd year ECE, takes a break from the routine life to take a trip down the memory lane.

“There are people that I want to see,

and places that I want to be for now 

‘cause I'm just dreaming

I could have been a cloud in the sky,

Don't ask me for reasons why

‘Cause now, I'm just dreaming

I'm going home!”

Indeed, going home is no less than a dream. "Home" - the word has been deep-rooted in our minds as the most comfortable and peaceful place. The nurture of family and loved ones, the childhood memories, friends, neighbours all instil a sense of reminiscence. When you're living away from home, this feeling increases multi-fold.

Every festival, long weekend is associated with a reminiscent feeling of home. I'll get to go home. Every tiring week, busy work schedule, exhausting travel is followed by this ever-relaxing feeling of going home. Personally, I feel it's the best detox one can have from the toxic daily routine life.

Staying away from home makes you appreciate it even more; not just for the comforts and nurture of the parents, but also the lessons that you learn. Till about 18 years of living, all the daily chores were taken care of. When you live on your own, you actually have to perform these chores. Even worse, learn how to perform first. The list of things you have to do, half of which you never knew needed attention, is endless. 

Home always reminds you of the days of playing outside with friends, hours of naïve cricket, getting dirty in the mud, dancing in the rain. It is a memoir of your lost childhood. It’s the place where you relished grandma's bedtime stories every night. All the memories of home are of the time when technology didn’t take over. You fell asleep gazing at the glow-in-the-dark stars on your ceiling, rather than a PuBG game. You used to cry over a broken toy and not a broken heart

The busy work-life pushes you away from the carefree days. You get so engrossed in your daily schedule that you seldom think about those days. Once in a while, a Facebook memory or Google Photos memory would show you some old image and you would take that trip down the memory lane for a moment. So why not actually take that trip? Take a break from your ever-engaging life and go for a vacation. Don’t visit some fancy tourist spot or something closer to nature, but visit your home. Spend an afternoon in the courtyard like you used to back then, or see the places you used to go during school days. The flashback that will follow would just be priceless and would be the best break from monotonous routine that you can ask for.

Instead of tripping over a Facebook memory of This Day 8 Years Ago, do actually recreate that memory and live your childhood back. 

Posted by Parangat Mittal