The Power of Doubt


Illustration Credits: Dakshita Joshi

How often do you fear the impossibility of your existence amidst uncertainty? Or worse – how ordinarily do you comfort yourself in the bliss of the ignorance that lies at the milepost of every question that revolves around you?

The common notion of doubt comes from people of various ages, communities, and breeds – opinionated or non-opinionated, telling you to not doubt yourself because it is a testimony to a frail footing. Doubt is often believed to prognosticate the non-fulfillment of the success that you could have had, had you not doubted. More often than not, it is considered to be a cause of ruination and stagnation.

Customarily, it drives us to the unknown, which is conclusive and categorical. The vastness of this unknown can be calculated only once you doubt the existence of it. The unknown should not be confused with ignorance. Doubting helps drive away conscientious stupidity and sincere ignorance which curbs the possibility of new things materialising. The power of doubt is based on how it tricks our senses to question their validity and augment its oddity to help us grow and develop from within.

The power of doubt also lies deep in the re-establishment of faith and lets one have a better understanding of oneself, though, blind faith in your correctness can often make you complacent about the purpose you had planned to adhere to. It lulls you back into your zone, oftentimes, restricted to old perspectives and explored paths. Unreasoned belief, often paralytic, can be fixed by doubting the possibility of new ideas and hence, setting a new basis for your actions.

The birth of new Ideas arises from doubting the already existing working principles that control the outlook of your preconscious. Doubts occupy a small space in the psyche that wonders about the consequences of your actions or provides new ideas to embellish the circumstances. It helps you construct, grow and learn by fighting negatives through discussion of the possibility of their existence. 

This is the Power of Doubt!

Posted by Priyansh Soni

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