The Homecoming of a Star


Actor Sushant Singh Rajput's recent visit to DTU, his Alma Mater, was a beautiful mixture of nostalgia and euphoria. Read on as Anushka Sharma, 3rd year, MAM and Anoushka Raj, 2nd year, ENE recall the warm welcome that the star received on campus.

On 14 September 2019, when Sushant Singh Rajput first posted his list of 50 dreams, including one to visit his alma mater, Delhi College of Engineering, little was he aware of the wave of euphoria he inspired in the entire DCE community. The homecoming of a star always infuses in students a sense of anticipation, but nobody expected that a pleasant Sunday morning would turn into such a memorable day for hoards of DTUites. The last day of the mid-semester exams might have started with the general weariness that accompanies exam season, but then random pictures of a homegrown star walking around in a green jacket and cargo pants started doing the rounds! In what seemed like a split second, a huge crowd of DTUites from every year was thrown off their study schedules and teleported right next to ‘The Sushant Singh Rajput’. Sushant was seen smiling his way through crowds of enthusiastic students, flanked by his crew and journalists. The actor, whose latest film Chhichhore crossed the 100 crore mark, was seen being as modest as ever as he shook hands with the pupils and got clicked with some of the luckier ones. 

The urge to return to simpler life, which revolves around routine and structure, the familiar stench of regularity, of waking up at a set hour and heading to class, the joy of participating in events, the unplanned adventures that give you a rush of adrenaline; college is perhaps a palette of mixed emotions that you don’t encounter at other points of life. The nostalgic yearning for uncomplicated times is what brings even the most successful individuals back to where they started. Our roots become the platform on which all future accomplishments are built, and to come back to the beginning with a sense of pride seems to be a beautiful yet humbling experience. 

From playing the critically-acclaimed and publically hailed lead role in soap opera Pavitra Rishta, to being a household name after his stellar role in Kai Po Che, Sushant has many credits to his name. But even years of disconnection do not take away the pride of belonging to Delhi Technological University. Any desk you scribble on, any bench of the OAT wherein you sat soaking the Sun while fervently working on your assignments, any secret nooks and crannies that you use for photoshoots- all the little places inside campus are places where your idols might have made similar memories. There is something about the pull of college that keeps bringing people back so often, and with so much pride. 

Sushant seemed to be fondly recollecting all the college hotspots such as Library and MechC, and after his visit to MechC, was seen asking about the night canteen. Highlight of the visit however, seems to be the subtle affection displayed by our ever favourite Chandan Bhaiya, who never fails to disappoint. The enormous turnout that his visit inspired, almost turned this surprise visit into a live set of Chhichhore. Sushant Singh Rajput stated that one of the reasons he took up Chhichore was to relive his college days,and hostel life experienced at DCE. 

He seemed to be overwhelmed by the warmth and love offered by fellow DTUites who followed every step of his reminiscent return. “All of you all is me, and all of me are you all” - read his gratitude post after the successful completion of a day trip to his Alma Mater, thus ticking off the twelfth dream in his wishlist


Posted by Anoushka Raj

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