TEDxDTU'18 - Deus ex machina


by Anoushka Raj, Illustration credits: Medhavi Thakur

On 20 April 2018 in Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Auditorium, Delhi Technological University, nine prominent and charismatic speakers from various fields delivered captivating talks to the TEDxDTU attendees. The line-up consisted of Akasa Singh, Aninda Bagchi, Ankur Warikoo, Ishan Bose, Karan Wahi, and Shubha Vilas among others.  

The Theme

The theme for the event was Deus ex machina. The literal Greek translation of the phrase would be ‘God from a Machine’. It referred to how a God, introduced by means of a crane, in ancient Greek and Roman dramas decided the final outcome to change the entire conclusion of the play. With issues arising in every field, the goal was to bring forth a series of revolutionary ideas which break the generic glass ceilings and reveal interesting outcomes. The solution is sometimes staring us in the face all along, and all it takes is a moment of realization, to open our eyes and recognize the simple fixes that can set things on the right course.

The Speakers

RJ Sukriti is an Electronic Engineer turned radio jockey turned video blogger turned video host. She is currently hosting a show with an online gaming and quiz app, Brain Baazi. Having a reputation of being a very enthusiastic, energetic, and positive, her talk mainly focused on the blinding light that sometimes solves all our problems, and was extremely humorous.

Dr. Kaustubh Radkar is a former National Swimming Champion and has finished the coveted Ironman Triathlon on all six continents. He believes in giving back to the sport that he got so much from and is doing so by being the first Indian IRONMAN certified coach. He shared his beliefs and urged the attendees to pursue their goals with determination and stay true to their vision.

Akasa Singh is a Bollywood singer, and is one of India's top live performers, known for her foot-tapping number 'Tu Kheench Meri Photo' and her debut pop single 'Thug Ranjh'. In her talk, she expressed how seizing opportunities are very important. Everyone is destined for something, but it takes hard work to be where the heart desires. 'Try and fail, but don't give up', she said beautifully during her talk.

Karan Wahi started his television career in the 2004 show 'Remix' and the popular youth show 'Dill Mill Gayye'. He made his Bollywood movie debut in Habib Faisal's 'Daawat-e-Ishq', and had a lead role in 'Hate Story 4'. His talk emphasised on remaining true to oneself and how everything falls into place subsequently. We are not objects with labels. We shouldn't let our uniqueness succumb to the pressure of fitting in, for those who shine the brightest are far from being conventional.

TEDxDTU'18 exposed the attendees to a plethora of opinions of esteemed individuals and was a great platform to get to know the different perspectives of people, which helps engage and inspire the global community. The next edition of TEDxDTU is to be held on 6 April 2019 at the B.R. Auditorium, DTU once again, carrying forward the strong vision of 'Ideas worth spreading'.

Posted by Shrey Padhi

Imagination is the strongest power of humankind. It carries us to a much distant world, some place unexplored, but without it, we progress nowhere.