Stuck Amongst Prodigies


Illustration by: Akshansh Aggarwal

One fine day, it blew me away,

the thought of conquering the world, of transcending fields,

then came a dawn of realization,

of the astringent reality, that blinded me.


Was I stuck amongst prodigies?

Amongst stunners who put the world at their feet,

Was I caught amidst the competitive heat?


Into the abyss of mediocrity I fell,

Or so I thought, as I didn’t fare well

in the multitude of clashes that span life.

Could it be the sheer difference in grey matter?

or, was it my shattered willpower?


Just as the self-doubt slithered into my conscience,

and the essential enthusiasm evaporated in non-compliance,

I dropped the vials of my exorbitant dreams,

while my creativity went for a walk with banality.


As the remorse of the endless procrastination consumed me,

and as the underwhelming paucity of success daunted me,

the explanation went over and over me

Was it due to my dereliction of duties?

Or, am I stuck amongst prodigies?

Posted by Mandeep Singh

Almost always avoid alliteration!