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DTU Times interviewed Shruti Bansal, Computer Engineering, Class of 2020 who secured a placement at Sprinklr.

What knowledge from your branch played a key role during the interview?

Knowledge from my branch definitely played a pivotal role during the entire interview process. I was rigorously grilled on almost all computer-based subjects whether operating systems, database, data structures or algorithms; the knowledge gathered during classroom study and lucid explanation of concepts that helped grasp them better proved to be essential in cracking the interview rounds. The questions ranged from basic concepts of these subjects to complex brainstorming questions. Thus, in a nutshell, the curriculum that has been designed for our branch is totally up to the mark to help the aspirants for interview preparation.

How did your internships influence your decision of applying for the company?

Internship plays a key role in deciding which companies to apply for as the organisation we intern at gives us the much-needed exposure to the technology stack that they use. We can identify our real interests that may or may not match the job descriptions of every company visiting the campus. Secondly, the work culture of the organisation we intern at impacts our future choices as every company has a predefined set of ethics and varies in work culture. We get a crystal clear picture of the working environment that suits our mindset and we are to do a selective filtering based on that. The tools and technology that we use in that organisation add to our skill set that helps us to shortlist relevant companies in the future.

If a person has a natural aptitude or skills for a certain non-tech company but doesn't have a lot of project history in his/her CV to back it up, what's the procedure to go about it?

Showing interest in the organisation is very important for securing a placement. If you have a non-tech aptitude but lack relevant projects in CV, first of all, you should be prepared to be grilled on the reason for the same. You should know in and out about the work organisation does, products they deal in and how you can add value to that organisation. You should be able to convince the interviewer that how your aptitude. Keep yourself updated with current affairs and your viewpoints on things happening around.

What made Sprinklr stand out among its competitors for you?

Sprinklr is one of the best organisations in its domain and the skills that they demand particularly in data structures and algorithms are at par with the technical giants and quite above similar organisations. It has an exceptional work culture that is employee-friendly and work conditions are quite flexible and favorable. The monetary benefits that it offers are worth going for and as far as I gathered after reading employee experiences that work is quite demanding and the exposure to new cutting edge technologies is a usual part of the organisation that enhances the skill set of the employee and makes him stand out in a crowd.

What kind of internships should students prefer? The ones with higher stipends or the ones that offer more exposure and learning experience?

Internships are nothing but the first learning experience for a student, different from college life where they come in close contact with the working of multinational companies, their code of conduct, various parameters of project delivery, strenuous guidelines, stress handling, etc. Stipend is not at all major factors that should govern your selection criteria. The internship should be such that it adds something to your skill set, the project should be relevant to the products and services the company deal with and exposure should be maximal. During your internship, you should be a key element in at least one major project the company is working upon because that will give you legit exposure to the working methodology of the organisation.

What are you planning to do this year to better prepare yourself for your job next year?

Being a computer science student my entire focus will be on mastering data structures and algorithms because they form the core of any interview. Advanced data structures are usually neglected by most of the students that sometimes hinder your selection so I will try to get deep into ADS and advanced algorithms to brighten up my chances for future endeavors. Keeping myself updated with latest technology trends will also be my priority.

What are some skills that every student should work on, regardless of whether he wants a technical placement or a non-technical placement?

Each company irrespective of its domain demands good communication skills. You should be lucid, fluent and convincing to an extent that you can prove your viewpoints quiet well. Secondly you should be well versed in your resume. Your projects and internships must be on your tips. Thirdly you need to make a nexus with the interviewer. You need to keep him engaged in your conversation. Read about the organisation well. You need to show that you are interested in that particular organisation and you need to supplement it with appropriate reasons.

Posted by Priyansh Soni

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