Pulwama Attack: The Scars Won’t Fade


Pulwama Attack was an attack to our strength as a Nation, and Anushka Sharma, 2nd Year, MAM, penned down the thoughts that have been running through the mind of each Indian.

I feel an intense agony, not just in my heart, but in my eyes too. It aches my soul to wake up one morning and read the news of having lost our 40 army personnel. 
Along with this, the questions that my fellow citizens are asking are more than tormenting my existence, to say the least.

I wake up with curious eyes
And with hope in my heart
Only to have it all torn apart
By those hidden and protected spies

“40 army men killed” 
Is what the headline read
But I couldn’t feel any tears, raging in me was anger instead

Most of us still don’t know the entire story
The entire tale of the incident
Because we choose to forego of any sentiment 
For the ones who brought us glory

When will we fundamentally act as one?
And not just blame the government
For this country is just as much their’s, so why the very apparent judgement?

We need more minds
That think for the nation
Without looking out for the world’s validation

Many question, why doesn’t India ever attack first?
Well, isn’t that an act of a terrorist?
Trying to bring someone down to their worst

What’s imperative here is support of our own
And not words of wisdom, not words of hatred
For our flag is often coloured by our own, not into saffron but crimson red

Posted by Anushka Sharma

Writing helps me detoxicate.