My Invisible Girlfriend


During the after-hours, leaving the company of Bhatta boys, I go out religiously for a saunter. The street lights follow me around; my only company along with the earphones. I cross many giddy duos - or so I assume.

The boy usually resting his arm around his bandi’s shoulders. Almost every time followed by awkward exchanged glances and him tightening the grip.

At times like these, I contemplate the motive for actively searching for a companion in college.

Is it to avoid lonely strolls like these? Or to achieve that godly and rare status in an engineering college?

This thought invokes foresightedness inside me.

What if I do manage to find someone?

Maybe, Maggi by Baba would taste even better, his abuses hurled at me won’t hit so hard and I would finally understand the deep affection he holds for me.

Chandan bhaiyya might smile at us.

The cold OAT benches under the moonlight might turn into comfy couches.

Apart from my assignments, I will have the never-ending conundrum to solve - Is there any other chocolate apart from Cadbury Silk, in existence? 

Suddenly, ‘the spots’ would mushroom around me.

Leaving campus during holidays would become a tedious task.

Engifest would become bearable.

Side-eyed glances, a bit more common.

Most importantly, a familiar face to greet me after the mundane routine gets over.

Is this really what follows from the point I stumble across the one? Or would I feel content only when my classmates spot me with her and persistently nag me about my luck?

Surely, their world would revolve around us more than ours around each other.

Not to mention the activation of a special ability to turn into a GPS when they see her and promptly notify me about it.

The number of overheard tête-à-têtes centered around this one unanimous cry has only led me to a solitary conclusion, which is-- to stay away. Stay away from this unfamiliar and distinctly innate agenda never set up by me in the first place. The democratic nature of peer pressure astounds me - of, by and for the people.

I can imagine the hollowness of being with someone from afar, questioning being with someone in the very first place while the sidewalk along Amul turns into a red carpet.

The fulfilment of this walk for now, is enough for me.

Posted by Akanksha Tanwar

Key member of the no clue clan.