It was on an ominous afternoon blessed with a slight drizzle when a man wearing a tattered vest over a round exposed belly, and a desi lungi arrived at the doorstep. From the moment he entered the house there was an intense rise in the pressure of the gloomy rooms. He was the reason for the elders’ discomfort. Paranoia entered Mona’s mind when her name was slowly whispered by one of the elders to the desi man. And her heart stopped beating when she saw there was a transaction of money. 

The situation escalated quickly after that. She was summoned by the elders to be presented in front of the desi man. The coercion of the room burst her into tears before she was dragged into the back of a truck. These inevitable circumstances she had seen before. All the other sisters, when came of age, were taken away by the same man.

As she tried to sleep away from her tiredness, the darkness inside the trunk closed in on her, it pushed her shattered dreams further away. Amidst all her confused fast thoughts, an innocent round teardrop rolled down her cheeks. The closed dark trunk only reminded her about the loneliness of the world. She twisted and turned, changed her posture to find comfort on the metal floor, but the pain remained unchanged despite her frantic efforts. This force of darkness increased the gravity of everything around her and made her thoughts incomprehensible. The elders in their room, slept with a corrupt heart, oblivious to the power of the darkness that consumed their incarnation of a Goddess.

It was a perfect picture, the sun shining as bright as ever, no signs of clouds whatsoever. On green lush meadows surrounded by the east-facing sunflowers, mistaken for the heavens on another day, was lying a motionless lady, who was skipped, hopped and jumped over by everyone.  Her name was supposedly Mona.

Posted by Shrey Padhi

Imagination is the strongest power of humankind. It carries us to a much distant world, some place unexplored, but without it, we progress nowhere.