Somya Gupta, Mathematics and Computing, Class of 2020, shares her internship experience at Microsoft GSMO, through a on-campus opportunity. 

I entered into the internship season completely prepared that I was not going to receive an offer on-campus. Microsoft GSMO was the first company to show up for interns that did not seem to have the prerequisite of coding. I gave the OT not hopeful at all, but as luck would have it, I cleared round after round and ended up receiving an internship offer from them. I spent the first 2 days just amazed at what had actually happened.

Fast forward to May 27th. The starting date of my internship. We spent three days in the Gurgaon office for onboarding. They conducted seminars and workshops for us and on the final day told us both our projects and locations, and before I knew it, I was jettisoned off to Bangalore for the next two months with a deep tech project and a next to nothing know-how of hands on coding.

Our first week in Bangalore, we had some intern activities which consisted of a “Anyone can Paint” workshop. As someone who can’t draw a straight line with a scale, it was a feeling like no other when I managed to spit out a decent piece of artwork that now proudly hangs in my room. Besides this, we had a talent show and an inclusion workshop.

The Bangalore office was phenomenal. Large corporate companies come with their perks and this was no exception. We had a massive cafeteria which housed so many different types of cuisines that we were trying something new each day and our food was completely covered by the company so we weren’t spending anything either. The GSMO floor was pretty big although not as much as IDC’s which occupied about 9 floors. We had an open pantry which housed cereal, fruits, biscuits and many different types of juices and shakes.      

We were 6 out of the total 12 interns in Bangalore and one of the spots we discovered was this cute little bakery on MG Road. If you’re in Bangalore and have time, do hit this place up they have the most delicious pastries.

Glen's Bakery

My project was titled “Leverage serverless on the Edge to complement and supplement the capacity in the Cloud.” A heavy title, right? How many of these technologies had I worked with before? None. It took me about a week to actually understand what I was supposed to do and how to go about doing it. Microsoft employees are extremely helpful and I have to say I learnt a lot during the internship. One woman I met was writing a paper for the next Grace Hopper conference. I even asked if I could help and we sat and bounced ideas off each other which in itself was such an enriching experience. Near the end of my internship, the entire GSMO office had almost emptied to attend an event in Gurgaon so I took advantage and sat in front of the TV to watch India Vs. New Zealand. While there I met the director of MNA Alliances who I developed an unexpected bond with over cricket, sports in general and our mutual love of socializing. He taught me a lot about the intricacies of the company and even took a look at my final presentation and helped me work on it! 

My project required me to develop a use case and I built a Smart Parking Solution. The architecture was fairly complex and ARM templates were developed to initialize and allocate the resources on Azure. There were 3 parts wherein I developed a chatbot, UWP app and a remote monitoring back end. The basic concept was that there would be IoT sensors in a parking lot at each of the spaces. These would send signals of either free/occupied every minute and accordingly cars could come in, book their slots and park. The project was developed in C# and JavaScript. It was an almost impossible task though as I had to build an entire end to end solution from scratch in barely 8 weeks. I ended up learning brand new frameworks and languages, and I must say one definitely learns more diving straight into a project than spending two months reading up about it.

It was an eventful 2 months and a definite learning experience. The people are open and supportive and I have so many moments and experiences to take away. Thank you, Microsoft, for this wonderful experience!

TL;DR – Sometimes you’re thrown into situations where you don’t know which way is up and down but that doesn’t mean you can’t rise to the challenge. It takes a little bit of faith, perseverance and support from your friends and family to see it through. 

Posted by Shrey Padhi

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