Living in Nostalgia


By Mihir Ranjan, EE, 1st Year
Illustration by Akshansh Aggarwal

He laid on the lush green grass, reminiscing about how its touch had morphed over the years. All around him, the hustle bustle of life continued, yet he was in his own world. It was a long and arduous journey, some parts forgotten, some cherished.

From daily revision to panicking one night before exams. From waking up regularly at 7 to waking up at 8:30 for an 8 o’clock class. From enjoying the fest to enjoying the company of his friends at the fest. He'd become well versed in wildlife too, learning not to eat food near the monkeys, yet giving them to the dogs who radiated innocence. Not to mention mastering how to spot peacocks from afar, and snakes from up close.

As he took a stroll down memory lane, he realised he had changed drastically; for good or for worse, he was yet to find out. It was like rowing into a thick dark mist, unaware of the abyss beyond. Fear struck his heart, resonating with his entire soul, shaking him down to the core. And yet on he rowed.

He didn't know which version of himself he missed more, whether he lived in memories or moments. But he knew he had lived, and that never failed to put a smile on his face. And as he stepped out into the world, he was ready, with an arsenal of experience at his disposal.

Regrets he had, but too few to be worth any mention. Mistakes he had made, yet never repeated. Procrastinated he had, but isn't pulling three all nighters the definition of passion?

This second home had given him many firsts. He too had found where he belonged in this crowd of confused citizens, and as he stood on this precipice, he was ready to take a leap of faith.

People can question his success, they can question the very definition of success, but when he has these memories etched in his mind, he knows he has the will to face the world. And that is all he needs.

Pray not the mountains in front of you fall. Pray you have the courage to climb them and rise.

Posted by Srishti Mittal

Be myself? What kind of garbage advice is that?