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Mayank Tripathi, Information Technology, Class of 2020, shares his experience of interning at LinkedIn Office, Bangalore through an off-campus opportunity.

It all started a year ago when companies began visiting the campus every day for internships. The campus was filled with new stories of students getting placed every day with great brands. I was a bit tensed not being in the first few shortlists, but mostly sure that something is coming my way.

Finally, I got shortlisted by Morgan Stanley which was an on-campus offer. Despite the fact that it was an amazing company, I was not completely satisfied as I was looking for a product-based organisation instead of Fin-tech. So, I started applying for off-campus internship programs. 

At that time, one of my seniors posted about openings in LinkedIn for interns. Within no time I forwarded him my resume. After getting shortlisted in the initial round, I was contacted by LinkedIn HR for the Hackerrank test. After clearing the online test, I was called for 3 interviews consecutively. Fortunately, after cracking the interviews I finally received an email confirming my selection. LinkedIn was kind enough to send some awesome goodies along the way. 

Fast forward to May of this year, I got my joining date as May 20 for the internship. I was really hoping that my end semester exams would be over before that. To my surprise, I had two of my last exams scheduled on 19th and a flight to catch the same night. It was one hell of a day. 

I landed in Bangalore at 4 am to realise something great was waiting for me there- the best thing about doing an internship at LinkedIn is that you get to live in a 5-star hotel for the entire duration covering all your food, gym membership, laundry, pool and almost everything you can think of.

The Office Experience

The LinkedIn office is one of the coolest places to work at. It is newly set up in Bangalore. The best part is that you get free food all around; you should not be surprised if you gain kilos before leaving this place. The place has its own cricket pitch, cafes, gym, nap room, music room and a lot more to offer. There are no timings as such and you can come and leave whenever you want, but try coming before 10 AM or else you will miss your breakfast.

As an intern, I got the chance to work with the Networking team at LinkedIn. The networking team is responsible for designing and maintaining the backbone of the LinkedIn network infrastructure and allowing seamless transfer of data between the Data Centers and Point of Presence (PoP’s) present at different geographical locations. 

My project was to detect silent packet drops taking place in the network and isolate the node causing the packet drop. I worked on some interesting networking technologies such as Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and also got a chance to work with Golang

I was fortunate to get this project as it exposed me to the world of computer networking, beside what we study in books. I realised that networking is not something you can study at your own like Android app development or Machine Learning. It requires infrastructure and high domain-specific knowledge. My mentor was kind enough to transfer all his knowledge to me.

Trips and Visits

LinkedIn is also known as the most employee-centric company and goes by the motto “Work Hard Party Harder”. 

Apart from team outings every Friday night, we were also taken to Nandi hills as the offsite outing. Located on the outskirts of Bangalore, this spot is one of the most exhilarating places to visit in the city. The day was packed with many different outdoor activities such as rock climbing, zipline, etc. The evening ended with jam session and DJ. LinkedIn also arranged the trip to Wonderla. If you are someone who loves adventurous rides, then this is the place for you. Linkedin was kind enough to provide us with fast track passes so that we can make the most of our day.

The most exciting of all outings was the LinkedIn Summer Party which was held at Sarjapur Social. The best part of the Summer party was that all the employees at LinkedIn Bangalore came together to celebrate a night full of dancing, drinks and food. It provides an awesome platform to interact with members from other teams and make long-lasting bonds.

Intern for a Cause

Intern for a Cause’ is an initiative by LinkedIn in which it selects an NGO every year and interns are required to raise awareness and funds for it from the LinkedIn employees. This year they had selected the NGOShanti Bhawan”, which took responsibility for providing education to underprivileged children. To raise awareness about the campaign, we organized a flash mob inside the LinkedIn campus and made posters and stickers. We were able to raise funds of over 2 lakhs in a short period of time. It was one of the most satisfying experiences of the intern period.

LinkedIn’s Got Talent

LinkedIn’s Got Talent’ is another great initiative in which the employees at LinkedIn are motivated to showcase their talent in front of the whole workplace. You never know the person sitting beside you and helping you code in Java might be an awesome singer or a dancer. You get to find a lot of hidden gems during this event. It is a day-long event filled with various performances and a lot of fun.

LinkedIn gave me a lot of moments to cherish. The open culture at LinkedIn is something to look forward to and the people here are smart and supportive. It’s been the most exciting time of the year for me.

Some Important Takeaways:

1. One of the most important things that I want to convey to my juniors is that if you are not able to grab a great intern on-campus, it does not mean that you are out of options. There are numerous opportunities present outside the campus. Be proactive and keep applying.

2. Also always be ready to explore things outside of your domain. I was already proficient in back-end development and Machine Learning but had zero experience in networking. Through constant learning and mentorship, I was able to pull off a great internship. So, don’t be shy to try out new things.

Posted by Parangat Mittal