Invictus'19 - The Ultramodern Tech Fiesta


It’s festival season again, and the fests are cascading like thunder. 

And how can a technical university proceed without a technical fest? 

8 to 10 February is when this year’s edition of Delhi Technological University’s own technical fest, Invictus, will be happening; so mark your Google calendars and be ready to have your inner inventor initiated.  

Invictus‘19 is all set to entertain both your brain and your soul over the next 3 days, with star attractions including Diwakar Vaish, a renowned robotics engineer, Yuvika Chaudhary, a famous actress, Yashpal Sharma, the theater artist, and Karunesh Talwar, the stand-up comedian, among many others.  

So make it a point to attend DTU’s tech-fest, Invictus, and see all the things it’s famous for: all the creativity, innovation, design, and deliberation of the students over the past year, all of which will be on display.  

From simple robotics projects to cutting edge technologies like 3D printing that will be on display, come witness the marvels of 21st century engineering.  

There will be several fun activities for coders, mathematicians, engineers, and every possible kind of thinker, all designed to warm up the muscles of your brain. 

If you’re in need of that sliver of motivation to get out of your procrastinating schedule, then the wide variety of talks from enlightened guests Mr. Sanjay Bhargava and Mrs. Anita Bhargava are sure to make an impact on you. They served a crucial role in shaping PayPal, and you can find them at PayPal Stories

With events that make you forget about the compatibility with your life partner and instead focus on how compatible you are with your coding buddy, to playing the ultimate tic-tac-toe challenge and putting your mind to use, Invictus has you covered. Come see whether or not you really know your fellow coder, and check(mate) your chess abilities with life-size chess tournaments.  

Are you ready to witness breathtaking projects and awe-inspiring spectacles? Because we are.  


Posted by Pratik Anand

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