Invictus'19 - Let's Get Technical


With that time of the year again, a fest-filled February stands back and beholds the coming of the largest tech-fest of DTU till date: Invictus

So, what exactly is Invictus
Invictus is one of its kind umbrella tech-fest being jointly organized by all the technical societies of DTU. It aims to be a platform for all the upcoming technocrats to interact, observe, and compete with each other to see who's the best in the field. 

Alright, so what events will Invictus be hosting? 
Being the brainchild of all the techies of DTU coming together under one big hood(ie), there's no doubt that Invictus will be a powerhouse of amazing events and extraordinary people. Just because it's a tech-fest, doesn't mean that there's nothing for the rest of us. Invictus has all of us covered with enough non-tech events to engage us till the very last minute. To give you an idea of how fun is going to be, here are just some of its events: 

  1. Pawn stars: All of us fell in love with Ron when he played chess to let Harry go forth. This is your Ron moment! Pawn Stars gives you a chance to play life sized chess against the smartest people to see who's the last man standing. 
  2. Programmer's DATE: It doesn't matter if your stars align or not, what matters is that your code should. This event not only checks your coding skills but how compatible it is with your partner's. Because making babies is too mainstream, Invictus is going to have you make code instead *winks*

Invictus is more than these exhilarating events, though. It successfully hosted 15k people last year and the number is only expected to be higher this year because of the sheer effort and creativity that has gone in its making. Each member of Invictus has intensely worked and brainstormed for countless number of nights in the past months to make this year’s version even more fabulous than the last one, to make sure that this legacy is honored as it deserves to be.  

Because of every different technical society collaborating with each other, Invictus is a concubine of very diverse events made by people who know their event inside out, meticulously.  Tech-fests are inherently different than cultural fests in terms of the competition that can be felt in the air. All the best coders and techies are put together in a campus to battle out each other’s mettle and see where everyone stands. They code so furiously that you cannot know what’s working faster, their mind or their fingers. With these passionately beautiful people in mind, Invictus was made to be everything that they like. From great mind-jolting events to light-hearted fun to great food, Invictus offers everything to not let you leave. 

Being the flagship technical event of an esteemed technological university, there's no way it fails to deliver on everything that we've been waiting for. 

Posted by Pratik Anand

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