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DTU Times interviewed the members of the current Sports Council, DTU- Siddharth Chauhan (General Coordinator), Rishav Sethi (Sports Manager), Ishaan Gauri, Eshita Yadav (Sports Secretaries), Ayush Garg (Treasurer), Pankaj Kanwat, Arshiya Thukral (Joint Sports Secretaries), Mrigank Singh (Joint Treasurer) and Anubhav Gaba (Sports Advisor).

Q. What all responsibilities does the Sports council, DTU has when it comes to organizing the annual sports and athletics event- Aahvaan?

More than 2000 participants from all across India participate in Aahvaan, the annual sports fest of DTU. The primary responsibilities of the Sports Council in Aahvaan include- drafting a suitable budget along with inviting all the universities across India as well as publicizing the fest. It’s the Sports Council’s duty to build a strong PR and publicity team for the fest. Hospitality is another significant section that needs our attention. It includes providing proper accommodation and food facilities to the participants. More than thirteen sports are played in Aahvaan and arranging proper equipment and officials for the fair play of these sports is also our responsibility.

Q. What are the different problems that you encountered during last year's events, and how do you plan to resolve them?

There were a few significant problems that we encountered during last year's fest. A strong team is required at the core for any fest; a fest cannot be great with just a handful of people working for it. This year we will make sure to build a proper team for every department which will hopefully fulfil lasts year's voids. We also faced issues due to the dates of the fest. Last year's dates were coinciding with the semester examinations of several universities. This resulted in a significant drop in participation. The dates of Aahvaan have been set keeping these factors in mind. 

Q. What steps can the council take in order to increase the participation of students in outdoor games?  How can you motivate students so that they involve themselves in sport, which is an essential discipline in life? 

Incorporation of sports in the curriculum is something that DTU has adopted through FEC, since the batch of 2018, which has proven to be a golden move to encourage participation in outdoor games. Besides this, proper grounds and facilities will surely help in encouraging more students to spend their time outdoors.

Sports Council also organises two outside-Delhi tours for our sports contingent. This brings motivation to all the players to practice hard and make it into the team. An inter-department sports fest, Arena, is also conducted annually, which is open to all the students for participation.

Q. What are your views regarding the coaches and support staff presently at DTU, and how does the council plan to improve the current scenario of mentors for various sports?

DTU introduced the coaching staff in 2018 with the introduction of FEC-Sports. Since the arrival of coaches, the level of sports in DTU has elevated drastically. We have performed brilliantly in various inter-university tournaments including the sports fest of IIT-K and BITS-Goa. DTU has left a positive mark in almost every major sporting event in these universities. Some of the sports do not have a coach yet, but the council is continuously working to appoint qualified coaches for these sports.

Q. What new initiatives has the Sports Council planned for this year?

The council has multiple new initiatives in mind and will try its level best to execute them over the course of the year. These include organising multiple mini-marathons for students as well as faculty members of DTU, easing the process for providing sports equipment to each and every student of DTU, organising an inter-hostel sports fest- Aaghaz and focussing on female matches for all sports to further improve the participation of girls.

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