Interview | Shreya Mehta, YouTuber


DTU Times interviewed popular actress and YouTuber Shreya Mehta, who was in DTU for a talk session in SPAC'19, organised by Invictus, DTU.

What made you pursue acting as a career?

When I was fourteen, I realised that I wanted to take up acting as my career. Even then, people in their forties often don't realise their true call. But I watched Jab We Met and it made me so happy that it changed my life. And that was when I realised that I wanted to act and perform for people and make them happy. I would like to believe that I was blessed.

Most people adopt a very classical career path based on whatever occupations surround them, mostly because they don’t realise their true call. What would you say about this, considering your career path is very unconventional?

Every person is on their own journey. Deep inside, they know what they want to pursue. Sometimes, they don’t end up doing it because of various pressures. But even after they realise their true call, they end up neglecting it and instead do what their heart doesn’t tell them to do. I strongly don't believe in that and I am happy to be doing something that I absolutely love doing!

Apart from being a part of a lot of YouTube videos, you are also a Motivational Speaker. How did you decide on balancing both of these jobs together?

I never specifically decided on becoming a motivational speaker, I just believe that I have a positive vibe inside me. I have also had a lot of bitter personal experiences and have been through a lot of ups and down early in my life which have only made me mature. I have accepted all my flaws. I consider myself to be a strong woman, having dealt with a lot of emotional and mental pressure, I have now become a very positive person. When I see people being negative about themselves I realise that I need to spread my positive energy and I try my level best to do whatever positive comes to my mind for the audience I have. As you mature, you grow into this confident individual who doesn’t care about non-important stuff. I hence share my stories and my perception about life and they like it as well.

What are the pros and cons of being in front of the camera at all times, whether you are shooting or not?

I absolutely love it! This is all I have ever wanted, and I am doing it. I am aware of what I do and its consequences. I am an attention-seeker and that is primarily why I act -- because I seek all the love of people even while I am not acting or when I am with my fans. Hence there is nothing negative.

Do you have any message for anyone who is realising their true call and on their way to pursue their passion?

Never ignore your inner voice. Whatever your heart says is the most important thing and you shouldn’t neglect it. Live for yourself. There’s no point in being alive unless you’re happy!

Posted by Parangat Mittal