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DTU Times interviewed Nikita Sharma, Young Women Achievers Awardee, Microbiologist and Miss India finalist, who was invited as a speaker at TedxDTU'19

What inspired you to start your association ‘Silver Linings’ at such a young age?

I had lost a lot of people in my life to cancer. I realised that people often face a traumatic situation where it is difficult to cope with the fact that their loved one may not be with them after a few months. It is difficult to overcome this emotional ordeal. After observing such incidents, I realised that the human mind is extremely brave. It is possible to extend the time you have if you are determined. 
That is the reason why I got into this field. I wanted to make people aware that cancer can be overcome. I also studied Microbiology to better understand the disease and help the suffering people through my NGO.

You are a finalist in the Miss India contest, a motivational speaker, women rights activist and run your own NGO. How would you say all this shaped your personality or character?

I had lost a lot of weight and gotten into modelling. My friends suggested that participating in the Miss India pageant would be the next logical step. 
According to me, the human mind is often underestimated. We should challenge it every day to test our own capabilities. I like to try different things in life and often challenge myself with unique ventures to get better.

You are active on both online and offline platforms, speaking for women’s rights and the stigma surrounding women’s body. What do you think about the present state of our country on the same issues?

I think that the situation in most metropolitan cities is getting better. Women are becoming aware of their rights and speaking up for themselves. Delhi however, remains an exception, as the situation here is deteriorating day by day. 
I am also against certain reservations given on the basis of gender to women. I believe there should be equal opportunities for people from both the genders.

What message would you like to give to the students of Delhi Technological University?

I would like to tell them not to be hesitant about pursuing any career other than in the field of engineering. Often students are forced into engineering. They should be making their own decisions about the life they wish to lead down the road. I strongly believe that if you are not happy with your own choices in life, you will be unable to provide happiness to anyone around you.

Posted by Karan Singh Bora

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