Interview | Ms. Monika Halan, Consulting Editor, Mint


DTU Times interviewed Ms. Monika Halan, Consulting Editor, Mint, who was in DTU for E-Summit 2019, organised by E-Cell DTU.

Could you tell us something about your book ‘Let’s Talk Money!’ and the motivation behind it?

I have been working in the area of personal finances for around 15 years, and every time that I speak about it in a gathering, the audience would say that they have understood what I spoke about but whether it could all be incorporated in a book. They would ask whether there was something they could read and keep. This was the main motivation behind the book. It also becomes a road map to certain people who are looking for unbiased advice.

Since you have worked with a number of magazines as a Consulting Editor of the Finance section, what exactly do you focus on while editing that specific section?

While editing the personal finance pages of a magazine, I look the world from the viewpoint of the individuals of a household. The rest of the business paper looks the world from the point of view of a corporation. So the focus is different in both the cases. We are trying to solve problems for the average person whereas a corporate story will talk about the losses or profits; we would rather speak of its impact on a household. For us, the household is the most important entity. So we look at the entire world from the viewpoint of an individual and then we deconstruct the news or information accordingly!

You also maintain a WordPress blog. What are its major impacts and how is it received by the masses?

More than the WordPress blog, my activity on Twitter and Facebook has a larger follower base. The WordPress is really a repository of a lot of my work. All the columns that I write, the blogs, the television and video broadcasts, etc., all rests in my blog. So the main outreach is through my social media handles.

Personally, which one do  you prefer more - your presence on the online social media platforms, or the print media? Which creates a greater impact on the masses?

Both! The world is in 360 degrees. One must be present everywhere, that is, on print and on an online social platform. One must be everywhere.

The impact depends on the audience. For the millennial, everything must be digital whereas for an aged audience, print media would certainly be better! So I would cut it age-wise! Below fifty, more of digital and above 50, I would like to keep both digital and print.

What message would you like to give to the students?

Money is very important! Put on your own oxygen mask before you change the world!

Posted by Parangat Mittal