DTU Times interviewed International students from Zambia, Nigeria, Kenya, South Sudan, and Mauritius about their experiences far from home in DTU.

INTERVIEW 3 - The following students from Zambia, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Sudan were interviewed: Hamlet Mukuwe (EE), Fred Kabwe (ME), Gift Mwale (ME), Yusuf Ahmed (SE), Muna Kabamba (CE), Bruno Adul (IT), and Marko Manyang (SE).

Why did you choose DTU specifically, over other colleges?

One of my friends had suggested DTU to me and since it is ranked right after the IITs, I decided that this would be the best institute for me.

I have always wanted to specialize in IT, and since most of the IT firms including Microsoft employ people from Asia especially from India, I decided that I wanted to study in one of the best technological institute of India.

I joined DTU because it is known for its infrastructure.

I have chosen DTU for three reasons, one of them being the location in the main city which combines a lot of cultures, then I look at the environment, which is really beautiful. The third thing is the ranking, one of the most important things that made me apply here.

How’s has your overall experience been?

My experience here has been great so far, because I have got more than I expected.

The students and our classmates are very social, hence it is easy to interact with them. The professors as well are helpful which makes it easy for us to approach them.

How does the Education system at your place differ from the one here?

The education system here is more advanced compared to our education system. For example our syllabus structure compared to Indian structure is totally different. It is a challenge when you come to study at a foreign place, but we have adapted now.

How do you like the cold weather?

Even though it’s very cold, we find it better than the summer. In the beginning it was so hot that even breathing was hard and we felt as if we were suffocating.

The only challenge we face is food. Even though we have found some ways to improvise our food habits, there are still a ton of spicy dishes that we can’t eat.

Another thing that is very problematic is the language barrier. As none of us can speak Hindi, It’s very difficult for us to go somewhere or talk to the locals. For example, if I want to buy milk, and  I don’t use the correct term with the correct Hindi accent for milk they wouldn’t understand.

There were some challenges, most explained above, and one of the challenges is the Indian accent. Every kind of announcements that are made in class, even though they are in English have a touch of Indian accent to it, hence none of us can comprehend anything. But now we hope to learn Hindi as soon as possible since we would be here for the next four more vital years of our lives, with some of our classmates helping us.

Did you attend our recent college fest, Yuvaan? How are fests like these different from the fest at your previous institutions?

Since most of the events were in Hindi we couldn’t understand while most of our friends were having a great time. I went there wondering if I would understand the activities happening over there. I couldn’t get someone to orient me regarding what was taking place. After some students attended it, they explained to me how the fests unfold. I definitely won't miss EngiFest now.

What are your future goals and how do you think DTU will help in achieving them?

To graduate as someone who is successful not only on paper, but also in practice. So far we’re doing the practicals in the labs and studying the theory in the lectures. The practicals are what we learn in class, so it is compatible.

Regarding the future, you can pass with a very good result but have an empty experience. So despite the teaching, if we are not doing something worthwhile apart from what we are being taught, we can end up just getting a degree without experience. So we need to focus on getting a degree as well as experience.


INTERVIEW 4 - The following students from Mauritius were interviewed: Reshna Gopee (Biotechnology) , Anasthasia Umrit (EE), Mehreen Hurroo (SE)

Why did you choose DTU specifically over other colleges?

The Ministry of Education chooses the best institute for us on the basis of our grades in the twelfth standard. We provide them with some of our choices, and then the government chooses for us from between these options.

How does the education system at your place differ from the one here?

It often seems to us that most of the Indian students just cram everything.

The syllabus there was rather dissimilar. We didn’t cover those topics which most of the students here already did in grade twelfth. We had to cope with the added academic burden.

How do you like the mess food?

The menu doesn’t have a lot of variety. The food is spicy here.

How has Delhi winter been treating you?

I prefer the winters over the summers in Delhi.

I am used to a maximum temperature of 35°C in the summers. But the temperatures here get so much higher.

Did you attend our recent college fest, Yuvaan? How are fests like these different from the fest at your previous institutions?

The main difference is that the events mostly use Hindi. However, this is to be expected as it is the main language here.

What are your future goals and how do think studying here helps you achieve them while you live so far away from home?

I hope that maybe we’ll get our degrees.

People have told us how to cope with the various difficulties we face away from home.

We feel like the beginning was bad, and we hope for a better ending. We will be proud on the convocation day.

Have you toured around Delhi?

We have toured the Lotus Temple, India Gate, and the Red Fort around Delhi.

We have also explored the food. For us, rice is a staple food. But the combination of daal and rice here is different. Most people are vegetarian here. Back in Mauritius, everyone is non-vegetarian.

The festivals too are worth a mention. We are very multicultural. Here, a majority of celebrations are for Hindu festivals. We have about equal celebrations for festivals of all religions.

Any interesting stories that you'd like to share?

We loves the rickshaws! We don't have that at our place. We also like the Delhi Metro, it is very safe.


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