Interview | DTU Students' Association 2019-20


DTU Times interviewed the newly elected members of the Student Association, DTU - Pulkit Pal (President), Dharmesh Singh Rana (Vice President), Maheep Bhardwaj (General Secretary) and Shavik Balyan (Joint Secretary).

How do you plan to incorporate the students from disciplines other than B.Tech. and increase their participation in the events held in the college?

We plan to integrate all other disciplines along with B.Tech., especially DSM and USME people, by trying to involve them with the corporate teams of various events. Their business and management acumen would prove beneficial for the event, along with the fact that they will be communicating with people from all other streams of DTU and will be getting a chance to enhance their skills. 
As far as PhD and M.Tech. students are concerned, their participation and involvement in technical societies will bring a lot of expertise of Research &Development in their respective fields and will also give them a chance to explore their areas of interest. We need to realize both our technical and management potential of the University and bring all of them together, involving people from all streams to guide each other.  

What steps is the SA panning to take to increase the participation of the female students in the proceedings in the university?

Just like all major universities, we are planning to create a Women Development Cell, a division of DTU-SA, which will be fully focused on their development and making sure that every girl is given a chance to participate in all functions and events of the college.

What techniques and skills are required in organising and managing an entire event successfully with minimal flaws?          

Every event is successful only when each member works in full collaboration with each other. All our events have specific teams handling every sphere of the event like PR, Corporate, Hospitality etc., each having people with the relevant skills. All of them work together to organize and manage everything perfectly. Team work, proper planning and coordination are very necessary to carry out an event with minimal flaws.

When did you think that you were capable of handling a position of such great power and responsibility in the university?

"Being at the apex of various student bodies in my third year, I felt that there was a huge difference in the expectations of the students versus what was actually happening. So, after much deliberation, I thought I could be a suitable candidate for DTU-SA and bring this much-needed change, and hence decided to contest for the same." - Pulkit.

Since a majority of the population in DTU is of day scholars, what events has the SA planned this year specifically for them?

This year we will plan to conduct Arena, the inter-branch sports tournament, in a better way including cash prizes and trophies so that the participants feel more involved. Moreover, most of the events held, like literary fest, sports fest, technical fest etc. are during the day time only. We will try to ensure better participation of the day scholars this year. 
Along with this, we would like every student to use every facility of the college like indoor sports hall, reading room, etc. by regularly informing them about the same. We want to focus on hostelers and day scholars together, and not individually.

How to plan to bridge the communication gap between the students and the SA?

It is really important to have effective communication between our team and the students of the college. For the same, we have decided to come up with an online platform through which everyone can send their queries and report their problems. Our team will try to solve each of them. In addition to this, we will be appointing our volunteers in every year and every stream, so that no matter what and even in our absence every problem can be heard.

Posted by Parangat Mittal