DTU Times interviewed Aditi Chandak, ECE, Class of 2019, who got admitted to Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore as an MBA candidate.

More and more students opt for a management degree after they complete their engineering degree. What was your reason to pursue an MBA after engineering?

The four years of Engineering, although filled with amazing takeaways and invaluable learning, made me realise that I would not quite like a long-term career in the field. This was driven by an interest and curiosity to understand the business aspect of things, and also influenced by my father, a CA by profession and an MBA himself. As a result, I started exploring MBA options both in the country and abroad.

Both university academics and B-school entrance examination preparation are important to get into a top B-school. How did you juggle between them effectively?

It is true that juggling the two aspects is not always easy. I tried to go about it in a planned manner, aiming to solve at least a few questions every day. However, it was not always possible with the simultaneous commitment of college academics and the final year 'chill scenes'. I think what worked for me is that I kept my stress levels down and held my composure throughout.

Briefly outline the process after your CAT examination? How was your experience?

After I received my CAT results, I started preparing for the subsequent stage, the interview round. I reached out to a few seniors and teachers to get an idea ace an interview. I focused on keeping up to date with current affairs, brushing up on my Engineering basics, and practiced how to present myself confidently.
The preparation phase was a little stressful but an extremely enriching one. I believe it helped me know myself better and prepare for my journey ahead.

What advice would you give to CAT aspirants who seek to get admission in elite institutions?

Getting into a top B-school is not a tough task. The formula remains the same. Focus on staying motivated, practicing well and working smart; things will fall into place. They almost always do.

Posted by Shrey Padhi

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