ExxonMobil | Placement Interview 2018


DTU Times interviewed Aman Gulyani, Mechanical Engineering who secured a placement in Business Operations in the Fuels and Lubricants Department at ExxonMobil.

How have the placements for your branch been this year? Please share the highlights of the placements season so far.

The placements for our branch has been going fairly good. Most of the deserving students are placed and all those left would be placed soon.
Fortunately, most of the companies visiting DTU are open for Mechanical Engineering branch with a variety of profiles ranging from Graduate Engineering Trainee to Business Development and Analyst etc.
Both core mechanical companies such as Bajaj, Maruti, Hero and non-technical companies such as Deloitte, PWC, ZS Associates selected a good number of students from Mechanical branch.

What did you give more weightage to – The Profile Offered or the Company Reputation?

I believe both the company reputation and profile offered are equally important. But in case anyone prepares for multiple profiles thencompany reputation matters a lot.
Starting the next phase of our life with the commencement of a job in a reputed company plays a significant role in shaping our future.
I personally gave more emphasis to the company's prestige since ExxonMobil, ranked 2nd in Fortune 500 list is perhaps one of the most prestigious company that visits our university.

Why did you select the particular profile and what parameters did you consider before making your choice?

I opted for Business Operations profile as I have over 2 years of experience working in a start-up. I really found this sort of work exhilarating as it brings opportunities for growth and personal development often. Also, in ExxonMobil, the profile keeps on changing after every 2 or 3 years, hence that's another added bonus that I kept in mind.

What were the type of Selection Tests (Rounds)?

The Cutoff for ExxonMobil was 7 CGPA. 
It was open only for Mechanical, Electrical and Civil branches and it hired for both technical and business-focused roles.

Round 1: Aptitude+ Technical test. 
There were a total of 90 questions and the duration of the test was 90 minutes. 160 students appeared for the test out of which 70 were shortlisted for GD.

Round 2: Group Discussion
There were 4 company representatives ambling around the room during the discussion and closely observing each and every candidate. From 70 students 30 shortlisted for the personal interviews.

Round 3: Interview
My interview involved questions related to past internships, positions of responsibility, the online courses that I had done, some technical questions and some basic HR questions. Out of 30, only 5 students were the finally selected.

How did you prepare for the selection tests?

I only prepared from Unacademy for improving both my Aptitude and Technical sections. It is one of the best free online platforms serving towards placement preparation as well as other competitive exams. There are plenty of lectures available on each topic which are easy to understand for the beginners.

Could you offer some tips to ace the interview round?

The Interview is the most thrilling part of the whole process. 
Your CV must consist of all the authentic details so that you are able to explain anything and everything related to it. 
Share it with a number of friends and seniors for proofreading.
Accustom yourself with the interview process by giving mock interviews.
Soft skills, especially non-verbal communication, are extremely important to clear the interview rounds. Most students face problems while expressing themselves and the best way to deal with this is by writing diary entries as it helps a lot in describing oneself. 
Be calm and composed during the interview and jovial as well.
During the interview don't try to flatter the interviewers and it's better not to cook up stories in front of them

Any advice you would like to give to the junior students?

These days, companies are paying more attention to the student's profound interest rather than their marks, so every skill that you acquire doubles your odds of success; but this does not mean that you can trade your marks with anything else.
Always make a habit of staying 100% true to your values and convictions. Anything obtained from unfair means is not going to create a sense of accomplishment. Work on your weaknesses and do not let them linger on. Rejections don't matter in the long run. Be in the company of friends who oxygenate you and help you enhance your efficiency. 
At last, support from your family is of prime importance. Share everything with them as they are our best well-wishers, a source of great motivation and act as a pillar of strength for us.

Posted by Shivam Jha

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