Ek baar fir?


- Kripi Badonia, 4th year, IT

Reclaim a table at Mic Mac just to sit for hours and talk about everything under the sun – from Chandan Bhaiya’s episodes to when you got detained at 69% attendance, while fighting over whether Rajma Chawal tastes better with Maggi Masala or not. Feel the warmth the friend circle once again under the winter sun, while those age-old Bluetooth speakers play your chill jam at your spot in the OAT, and remember that day of the 5th semester when you decided to skip all your classes to enjoy that one moment right here, on this bench.

Smile at Nescafe and remember planning everything from Engifest to majors and minors to that trip to Goa (that probably never happened) over endless cups of tea and coffee, and make your way to MechC whose Masala Dosa and Chole Bhature were your rescue to an empty stomach and an equally empty wallet. And today, talk to the Amul crowd – people you never really spoke to in college, but always saw them loitering and laughing around Amul’s trail of PR desks and banners. 

Visit the classrooms where endless banter ensued for 4 years and remember debating with your 1st year friends about where you want to go in that 3 hour break. (A lot of time for G3S? Not enough time for GTB?) And lastly, walk around the campus recalling every memory – the fights, the drama, the bliss, the happiness, the family, and find your four years etched into every brick, every pavement of this University.

Walk up to your hostel room, and see how the newbies have changed its look, and feel the nostalgia hit you hard. Home is where the heart is, and you will find yours in that balcony where you’ve spent many nights in introspection. You will find yours in that room with the best gaming setup, where you played FIFA for 6 hours straight and only stopped because there was a mid semester the next day. 

You will find yours in that mess where food was the common misery, and ‘aaj bahar ka khaa lete hai yaar’ was all the unison you needed. You will find yours on those steps and that corridor where you spent hours on the phone talking to your significant others. You will find yours in that ‘jam’ room where your ‘guitar-friend’ would lace the evenings with live music. 

You will find yours in your favourite senior’s hostel room, where you’ve gone innumerable times for advice and to chill, all the same. And when you find it, keep it back. Your hostels should always be the living memory of the person you were when you came in and the person you were when you left. 

• Ek baar bas •

There’s no next semester that you can plan on nailing, so as to maintain your average. There’s probably going to be no other time where all of your batch-mates and juniors will be together in one place. There isn’t going to be another final culmination of engineering degree again either. This time, your parents will decidedly be proud of you. 

This is it. 

Tomorrow, is what you’ll have – the last memory of the place that you devoted 6 years of your life (for 11th and 12th were the worst). 
One more time with your friends to plan that getaway trip (from the humdrum of your jobs and MS, MBA that give no space to breathe). 
One more time to take Bawana-land all in. 
One more time to feel Sanam’s version of “Lag jaa gale, ki phir ye haseen raat ho na ho…”. 
One more time to feel like a DTUite again.
The time to finally be called, an engineer.

Posted by Shivam Jha

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