Celebrating College-hood


Exploring new beginnings and opportunities is what college life is all about. Life here is a medley of episodes with all sorts of kaleidoscopic occurrences! Read on as how N.Krithika, 1st year, ENE elaborates on the beginning of a new chapter 'The college-hood'.

Illustration Credits: Tejasv Mohan

Entering college is a whole new experience in itself. It feels like a big roller coaster ride, packed with a plethora of emotions, nervousness, excitement, happiness, all at the same time. 

You feel like Alice entering your own Wonderland, a land full of opportunities; opportunities to be explored, opportunities waiting for you to grab them. College life is the beginning of a new journey, one to be celebrated with fervour and fanfare. A journey filled with fun and frolic which seems no less than a festival. A journey where one comes across new people and makes new friends.

Just like how you prepare for any other festivity, you also prepare for college; you buy new clothes, shoes, cell phone and other necessities showcasing your identity. You celebrate your own individuality, broaden your horizons, unleash your creativity and discover a new meaning to life. For you, every single day is a party. Be it the scrumptious paneer dosa or the gratifying masala maggi or the honey chilli potato dripping with sauce at the canteen (hyperbolic expression for all the food critics out there), you really enjoy your meals. And that, as is evident, is not because of the taste, but because whatever the taste of the food may be, your friends - who suddenly transform into Galactus when it comes to you offering a treat - give you company. Obviously, the food is no parallel to ghar ka khaana.

The academics, of course, never let you free because the syllabus, no matter how hard you try, will never be completed. But college is the place where you suddenly become young Hanuman, discovering your hidden talents and superpowers. Given your realization, you manage everything, from academics, to societies, to projects and to fests!

That reminds me of these extravagant celebrations of our being: Fests. They are, no doubt, one of the most colourful and exuberant parts of college life, from staying in your friend's hostel to dressing your best for the events and swaying to the tunes of your favourite band. Everything seconds amidst the highly pulsating crowd and the energy of high wattage performances.

All these memories, when someday you will look back on your Instagram, Snapchat stories and Boomerangs, will make you reminisce teary-eyed the moments and the celebration, the festival which every person enjoyed to the fullest - College life!

Posted by N.Krithika

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