Boston Consulting Group | Placement Interview 2019


DTU Times interviewed Nikita Gupta, Production & Industrial Engineering who secured a placement in Data and Research Services at Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

How have the placements for your branch been this year? Please share the highlights of the placements season so far.

The placements in PIE have been going on really well with almost all the students appearing for them being placed at highly reputed companies like Deloitte, ZS Associates, Escorts, Capgemini, and Goibibo. 
An array of companies were opened for our branch this year, and there were numerous opportunities for the students of our branch to bag great offers.

What did you give more weightage to – The Profile Offered or the Company Reputation?

Both company reputation and profile mattered considerably in my case. Working for BCG not only brings in the perks of working with the intellectual and articulate people but also gives you the kind of exposure that makes us stand out from the crowd. 
My profile is DRS which gives me an opportunity to work in different domains first and then select the one that interests me the most. BCG is one of the most well reputed companies to work at and this profile gives me flexibility to explore thoroughly. 

Why did you select the particular profile and what parameters did you consider before making your choice?

I opted for Data and Research Services because it provided with a great opportunity to work in all the areas of the company which will give a good insight to all the aspects of how the work is carried on. 
Plus getting hands on experience in working in all departments makes it easier to understand how to go about working and improving my performance and the company’s outputs.
I would be working with and under people who are experts in their fields and thus will get a lot of learning opportunities to widen my horizons and will get freedom to drive my research work.

What were the type of Selection Tests (Rounds)?

The cutoff was 6 CGPA and was open for all branches.

Round 1: Aptitude Test
There were a total of 50 questions and the duration of the test was 50 minutes. Around 350 students appeared for the test out of which 68 were shortlisted for further rounds.

Round 2 : General Interview 
There were 4 panels for the interviews. All the students were divided into different groups and allocated a panel number. This interview was all about checking your confidence, and communication skills.
We were questioned about ourselves, our family and educational background our future vision and things that interest us. 

Round 3 : CV Based + Guesstimates 
Around 22 people where shortlisted and in this interview round the students were asked about their CV, the kind of work they carried out in college. They were asked about their branches and why they opted for them. Then they were asked to solve a guesstimate under limited time.

Round 4 : Final Interview 
Around 14 students were filtered and In this round we were bombarded with circumstantial business situations and strategies. The recruiters were looking for out of the box thinking in this round through case studies and guesstimates.
After this round 8 students were selected .

How did you prepare for the selection tests?

The tests consisted of verbal and quantitative ability, business awareness and some general knowledge questions. I prepared for a month by reading newspapers, solving around 15 to 20 quant questions daily, solving puzzles from geeksforgeeks, and doing a handful of guesstimates from Quora every alternative day.

Could you offer some tips to ace the interview round?

To do well in interviews you need to be thorough with your CV, you can be questioned upon anything you have mentioned there. Be confident, be honest and have a subtle smile on your face.
Interviews don't just test your knowledge, they are more about how you deal under stress situations and how well you communicate.
You need not worry of getting stuck somewhere because the interviewers are always willing to help you and they would appreciate someone who is keen to learn and carry the work with ease.

Any advice you would like to give to the junior students?

Try inculcating guesstimates in your daily routine weeks before the commencement of placement process. Good Communication is a must have quality that will take you through. Google a handful of puzzles daily, you may stumble on company-specific puzzles on net. Strong academics will definitely provide you an edge.
That's all.
I would not suggest to target any company, just keep on your preparation on full swing. Keep working hard and everything else will be taken care of automatically

Posted by Shivam Jha

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