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Uday Sai, 2nd year, BBA tries to capture the eventful journey of a student at USME-DTU

The pedagogy at USME is designed to surprise just when you think you are getting the hang of things. In simpler terms, we follow a case-based pedagogy which essentially means that there is very little taught in terms of theoretical knowledge and almost every subject stresses on application. We have case studies for every subject and session, where we analyse a certain situation faced by a company and come up with our solutions for the issues faced.

Beside the application-based teaching approach, the real superstars of USME-DTU are the young professors. Some lectures are 60-75 minute session of theatrics, complete with captivating narrations, expressions and emotions. Some of our teachers just nonchalantly dismiss the banal things, such as the country’s fiscal policy or certain world views you might hold dearly; others are supposed to teach you about law, but end up giving valuable life lessons through a discourse on philosophy. Some even make you understand a concept with “Kabir Das ke dohe” and their hilarious English translations, while some professors make you observe the impracticality of your solutions, which turns out to be a testament to your inexperience and how much of the world you are yet to experience.

The amazing moments with the faculty often stand out. The list is quite long and includes many instances such as when every student was well-dressed at a professor’s last session to fulfill his lifelong wish of seeing a room full of well-dressed students, or when a professor conducted a simulated game of Kaun Banega Crorepati to test the class’ understanding of the concepts learnt, and maybe when a professor gave an emotional narration of how he had to change his teaching style to keep up with the changing times.

There are students from unique backgrounds and varying personalities to be found inside our campus. The best part of my class is the discussion between me, a science background student, and my peers coming from a commerce background. In a class of sixty odd people, you often get a wide variety of views. You might agree with some of them but the clash of the detractors is a great spectacle that often plays out in class.

USME-DTU also teaches you punctuality. A 9:00 AM class means you have to be in the class by 8:45. Class participation points are closely monitored and the students make sure you do not get away with putting up random points in front of the professor. The students are allotted to study-groups at the beginning of the academic year and all the group assignments and presentations are done within the group. Some of your group members become your best friends and there will be a lot of cases when you cover for your friend in a group project.

Thankfully, the students, faculty and administration make sure the experience is all worth it.

Posted by Uday Sai

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