23rd March,2016: Indian Colour Throwing Festival

Here's some amazing poetry on the occasion of holi and a generic schedule of how both extroverts and introverts celebrate it. Read on to find out more about the origins of Holi and discover the various shades of this amazing festival.

22nd March,2016: Maggie Baba at Roadies Auditions

Nothing seems to have captured our hearts and minds more than the hospitality of our very own Maggi Baba. Now, Baba has this habit of talking 'very openly', as you all would have noticed. So, a group of guys at the hostel, once requested him to enthrall the four judges by auditioning for the Roadies X4, in January this year. Normally, he would have turned down such an imbecile request. But generously complied with them later due to reasons best known to Baba himself. These are some of the excerpts of the audition: festival.


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